Thursday, June 10, 2010

Babies Babies Everywhere

We have a one year old. She is the best thing God has ever done for us! She is our world. Now the questions becomes, When is the next one to come? I used to always say I never wanted my kids to be to close in age. My sister and I were 2 years apart growing up and had an awful relationship. I didn’t want my kids to go through that. Then in the last 2 months we have a new niece, a best friend had a baby, and so on and so on. Its babies babies everywhere!!!! It gives you (me) baby fever! All I think about now is babies. Then to myself I start saying, “Is it to soon? Would they get along? Maybe it’s a sign!.....” So how do you know when it is right to start planning for another child?

I tried to talk to the husband and see what his thoughts were and he says the infamous husband saying, “Whatever you think honey. I will go along with it.” In my head I am saying but will he really or is this his way of telling me ok drop it I said what you wanted me to now next topic. Haha I love him but that he does sometimes.

Then I talk to friends … Friend # 1 says, “Another One? Really? One is enough!” (She has a bad pregnancy and delivery that makes her think that way. She isn’t against kids or anything. Lol) Friend #2 says, “Oh now! My brother and I were a year and half apart and we got along great and were so close.” Friend #3 says, “ At least 2 more years. They need to be spaced out. Think about the future. Cars, Proms, and College.” So friends = no help! Everyone has great points (Except for the just have one. I definitely want another one!)

So then came family… Family = DRAMA Enough said!!!!!!

So the lingering question how soon is to soon to have another child after your first one?? Blogging may be the best way to get a helpful answer. We will see….

Friday, June 4, 2010


Ok so I have this friend that is always telling me about blogging and all the stuff that she does with her blog. I never thought I would want to sit down and write about things in my life to a computer. Then she asked for some guest bloggers while she would be on vacation. So of course being the good friend (haha) I said sure I will try it out and do one. And immediately I was hooked.

I started to write about "ME" so that people would know what I was talking about and why. I loved it. It was kind of a stress reliever. I can get on and say whatever about what is going on with my life and just let it out. So here I am with my very own blog writing my very first one all thanks to a very great friend!!!